GW Editorial increases client workload capacity by absorbing 30 expedited medical journal titles for a leading publisher.

GW Editorial increases client workload capacity by absorbing 30 expedited medical journal titles for a leading publisher.

Project Brief

An industry-leading publishing group hired GW Editorial to immediately absorb nearly 30 journal titles for medical copyediting. The client received immediate executive orders to move this work to an external supplier. The rushed transition created several complications for the client, and GW Editorial sought to be a turnkey solution, scaling capacity and prioritizing flexibility and responsiveness. GW Editorial provided stronger editorial expertise while minimizing complications and time constraints for the client.

The Breakdown

  • Absorbed 25-30 journal titles with varying states of backlog
  • Oversaw the copyedit of up to 1000+ articles monthly
  • Reduced late article submissions eight-fold
  • Automated consistent style guide rule application
  • Improved training materials

Process & Approach

After initial information gathering sessions to better understand the client’s needs, we developed a rudimentary workflow to take immediate work. We monitored our processes during this initial phase, and we began to introduce efficiencies. The development of live data monitoring tools allowed for the tracking of an article’s lifecycle once received, and we generated monthly performance reports from this data to share with the client and better track our overall performance. Our editorial staff became overburdened with administrative tasks, so we introduced a coordinator to absorb these tasks and allow our editorial staff to focus their efforts. We built training materials for freelancers, expanding style guides and developing online courses to expedite onboarding. Lastly, we developed automated tools to pre-edit manuscripts before editorial review; this ensured that style rules were consistently applied and allowed our editorial staff could focus on higher-level concerns. Partnering with GW Editorial unburdened our client from the stresses of managing schedules, copyediting, and quality assurance.

Outcome & Results

The results from these changes lead to a dramatic increase in copyediting quality, client workload capacity, and timely turnarounds.

Our work and responsibilities to the client included:

  • Management of high manuscript volume, including unpredictable ebbs and flows
  • Coordination of internal and external staff to meet tight schedules
  • On-boarding and training of copyediting staff according to style guides that were unique to each title
  • Navigation of online platform for daily intake of new files
  • Combination and formatting of multiple files with tailored automated pre-editing tools
  • Quality assurance reviews of files
  • Uploading of files to the proprietary online system

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