Publishing and Content Services for Educators

GW is dedicated to helping educators deliver engaging learning material to learners at all levels, including medical and scientific researchers, through our comprehensive support services. We bridge the gap for educators who lack the time or resources to publish unique content for use in the field or classroom.

Content Services for Educators

GW provides content support services that empower educators to bring their products to life. We understand the transformative impact educators and educational companies can have, and our team takes pride in supporting their vision.

Services Include:

Instructional Design

Complex Design & Art Rendering

Complex Scientific Renderings

Complete HTML & E-Book Delivery


Publishing Support Services for Educators

Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive assistance tailored to your unique educational projects. We refine your content, meet deadlines, optimize resources, and implement streamlined workflows, offering support every step of the way. By utilizing GW's support services, educators can rest assured that their learning materials are personally assessed and free from errors.

Services Include:


Full-Service Project Management

Peer Review


Workflow, Process, & Partial Project Management

Let's work together.

Give us a call at 314-567-9854 or click below to get the conversation started. Our team of skilled professionals is eager to discuss your unique needs and determine how our services and expertise can benefit your educational initiatives.

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How can GW services benefit you?

  • Decades of Experience
    With 50 years of experience, GW has been a trusted partner in helping educators deliver high-quality, error-free materials for educational clients.
  • Expert Scheduling
    Meeting deadlines is crucial for large-scale education projects, and GW excels at keeping projects on track.
  • Suitable for All Levels
    From K-12 to adult education, GW understands the unique challenges of different education levels. Our broad experience enables us to tailor our services to meet the needs of learners across various age groups and educational settings.
  • Collaborative Approach
    We value collaboration and are dedicated to working closely with all stakeholders involved in your project. Our large staff of specialists is ready to collaborate with any party you bring onboard, ensuring a seamless and productive partnership.
  • Image Rendering
    Obtaining high-quality scientific drawings and animations can be challenging, but GW makes it easy. We boast a team of skilled in-house designers and have access to a large pool of talented professionals, ensuring exceptional image rendering that brings your educational content to life.