Start-up converts 500 Health Science titles for e-publishing platform ahead of schedule by partnering with GW Project Management.

Start-up converts 500 Health Science titles for e-publishing platform ahead of schedule by partnering with GW Project Management.

A high-profile publishing group hired our client to convert a group of 500 health science titles for use on their proprietary e-publishing platform. Our client lacked the in-house resources to support the immediate demand on their workflow from the large influx of titles and sought to partner with GW to build a solution. The GW Project Management team used their expertise to reduce the strain on the client’s internal workforce by building and managing a workflow that allowed us to deliver the title migrations on time and on budget.

Process & Approach

Project kick-off began with an introductory meeting to discuss the client’s needs and determine how GW’s project management experience could best be used to manage the influx of titles. Our client and our internal project management leaders worked through training on the unique e-publishing platform, and GW developed a viable workflow, assigned responsibilities across the production spectrum, and managed the day-to-day details of the project.

Partnering with the GW project management team helped achieve the objective of moving all 500 Health Science titles online, and the project was completed faster than the original timeline projection.

Our work and responsibilities to the client included:

  • Routing files and completed deliverables to/from the developer and stakeholders
  • Reviewing, updating, and managing the project schedule
  • Building and managing the project SmartSheet
  • Managing the author review process
  • Troubleshooting all platform queries from authors
  • Quality assurance review of the files
  • Uploading files to the desired platform
  • Approving title files for the final release

Outcome & Results

Over the course of two years, 500 Health Science titles were successfully migrated from a final PDF format to the live e-publication platform. During the course of our partnership, our project management team applied our expertise and core skills to different parts of the production process as necessary to support the workforce and fulfill the unique needs of our client. The project was completed without incident and in a shorter timespan than originally estimated.

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